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Copyright June 07, 2005 11:04 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti




Lessons 1 through 5 (also see our Quick Note On Lesson Five) provide an overview and the theoretical foundation for the process of identifying the “true text” of the Bible developed by myself over a forty-year period and later publicized by our organization.  (During the latter part of those forty years our organization was named “The Forty Years Projects” [you can see our original Home Page at http://lfnexus.com/Frontier.htm].)


Now, a full understanding of the entire process of identifying the “true text” will require a minimum of 100 lessons.  Over time we will be providing these lessons.  For now, anyone with the requisite intelligence and the stamina can take the information provided in the first five lessons and, over several years…or a SINGLE year if they are also a computer whiz, develop the remaining principles and information themselves.  THE DAYS OF UNSHARED AND HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE CONTROLLED BY STINGY, UNGENEROUS, UNGIVING, AND SECRETIVE SCHOLARS AND SCIENTISTS ON THE SUBJECT OF THE “TRUE TEXT” HAVE ENDED!