We are recommended by and recommend over 5,000 mental health, religious, educational, scientific, legal, financial, technological, entertainment, governmental, and other institutions.  We work directly with most of the institutions listed below.  A plus sign [+] indicates that we have been formally recommended by an institution and an equal sign [=] indicates that we have been informally recommended by an institution.



International Pneumiatric Association [+]

International Psychiatric Association [+]

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association [=]

American Pneumiatric Association [+]

National Institute of Mental Health [=]

Moody Bible Institute [=]

Motion Picture Association Of The United States [+]

International Motion Picture Association [+]

Christian Theatres Of America [+]

Chicago Center For Law And Justice [+]

The Chicago Financial Group [+]

Faith Only Roman Catholics Assembly [+]

Chicago Linguistics Institute [+]

The MicroTech Institute [+]

Chicago Theoretical Physics Institute [+]

Jerry Falwell Ministries [=]

American Political Intelligence [+]

Entertainment & Ethics [+]

Chicago Economics Institute [+]

Chicago Tae Kwan Do Institute [+]

Pneumiatric Alzheimer's Disease Research Center [+]