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Copyright May 20, 2005 5:56 PM CST

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Before you read this article, keep in mind that Dr. Engermund sometimes uses hard-to-understand language but then immediately follows his hard language with simpler, easy-to-understand explanations.



The following article is from EON (Evolution Out Now!):



My name is William Engermund.  I used to be an evolutionist.  I was an evolutionist for fifty years…that is, until my eyes were opened.  First, let me talk about evolutionists, God, and the Bible.  Then, I will talk about evolution itself.


Evolutionists can be passionate about evolution.  But where does this passion come from?  After all, if evolution were true, so what?  What good would it do?  So where does this passion come from?  The passion comes not from what evolution will do for a person but from what evolution will not do for a person.  Evolution will not enable a person to believe that the God of the Bible is the God of the universe.  Oh, yes, most evolutionists will claim that they believe in God but, when you ask them about this God, he is nothing like the God of the Bible.


Regarding the Bible itself, many evolutionists do not believe the Bible and those that do only give it lip service.  I did once meet an evolutionist who claimed that they really believed the Bible but their life certainly didn’t show it.  Then, there are the theistic evolutionists, who try to follow both evolution and the Bible.  These people also do not believe in the God of the Bible, though they do claim to believe in the Bible.  On close examination of their belief, I have learned that, and this will sound a bit…strange, their Bible belief is not the Bible belief of the Bible.  In other words, they make the Bible mean whatever they want.


Now, what about evolution itself.  The key problem with evolution is that evolution is not science.  Evolution is phenomenology.  Phenomenology is the typological classification of a class of phenomena.  In other words, phenomenology is taking a bunch of things and organizing them into groups.  That is all that evolutionists do.  Evolutionists will collect a thousand insects and then organize them into types and subtypes.  But that is all they do.  Regarding the so-called “Theory of Evolution,” the Theory of Evolution is not even a theory.  In fact, it is not even a hypothesis, which is, so to speak, a “theory that leads to a theory.”  Evolution is simply “a way of organizing one’s thinking” and nothing more.


Well, some will ask, “What about all the evidence supporting evolution?”  The simple answer is that there is no evidence supporting evolution.  However, if it were that simple, evolution would have been thrown on the dust heap of history a long time ago.  What has happened for more than a hundred years is that evolutionists have been turning nonevidence into evidence.  They have accomplished this in a variety of ways.  One way is through the use of obfuscation.  In plain English, evolutionists use big words that the average person does not understand.  They also combine short sentences into long sentences that are harder for the average person to understand.


Another way evolutionists turn nonevidence into evidence is, very simply, by lying.  Now, many will ask, “How is this possible?  Evolutionists are scientists and they have to have proof.  Also, their work is checked by other scientists; so they would be caught in any lies.”  Well, first, about the proof, evolutionists have artifacts, not evidence.  An artifact could be a fossil, a bone, or a tool, to name a few things.  These artifacts are owned by everyone.  They are owned by evolutionists, antievolutionists, creationists, unificationists, etc., etc.  They are not the sole property of the evolutionists.  Now, the evolutionists come to these artifacts with a bias.  Their bias is “this artifact will prove evolution is true.”  (A scientist, on the other hand, thinks, “This artifact will prove, neither prove nor disprove, or disprove evolution.”)  Evolutionists, then, take the artifact and go to the Book of Evolutionist Tricks.  Now, this is not a real book.  It is simply all of the tricks evolutionists have developed over the past more than 100 years to dupe people into believing that evolution is true…and, boy, have they done a good job!


One of my favorite tricks was getting people to believe that paleontological excavations, which are sometimes deep holes dug into the ground…that these deep holes in the ground proved that living things started out simple at the bottom of these holes then got increasingly complex as you moved toward the top of the holes.  The fact is THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED!  Yet, you can go to textbooks on evolution and they will show you diagrams of such holes.  Now, you may wonder how evolutionists have been able to get away with this.  Enter “implicit justification.”  Here is how implicit justification works.  In the earlier textbooks, pictures of holes showing simple organisms at the bottom and complex organisms at the top WERE ARTISTS’ CONCEPTIONS.  Over time, evolutionists argued, “Well, everyone knows these are artists’ conceptions; so we don’t have to explain that anymore.”  Unfortunately…for well over half a century, children, adolescents, and young adults HAVE NOT KNOWN THAT…and evolutionists AREN’T ABOUT TO TELL THEM!


You may wonder how the ARTISTS’ CONCEPTIONS were able, in the past, to persuade people.  After all, they were only conceptions, not photographs of actual, paleontological discoveries.  Well, this brings us to another evolutionist trick, the “evolutionist sleight of hand.”  We could also call this trick the “evolutionist ‘quarter behind the ear’ trick.”  Remember, in a sleight of hand you misdirect your audience; that is, you get them to look one place while you do something in another place (a child watches your left hand while your right hand cups the quarter).  The older textbooks would present mountains of information (the same information used by antievolutionists, creationists, unificationists, etc., etc.) and then say, “We infer from these facts that the fossil evidence tells us that organisms evolved from simple to complex as we move from the bottom of the excavation to the top of the excavation.”  At that point, a wonderfully drawn, almost hypnotic ARTIST’S CONCEPTION is presented to the reader.  The reader, usually hungry for knowledge and not well-versed in evolutionary thought would, of course, embrace the evolutionist doctrine (teaching) and then go running to their friends to tell them about the amazing discoveries made by evolutionists.  Note the trick:


The textbook would get the reader to concentrate on the mountains of information and then the HYPNOTIC ARTIST’S CONCEPTION and, then, while the reader was not looking, slip in a “magical inference.”




Well, I could go on for thousands of pages but I believe you have already become wise to the ways of the evolutionists.  This brings us to “the checking of evolutionist research by other scientists.”  Well, these “other scientists” are also evolutionists.  Need I say more?