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Copyright September 17, 2004 2:13 AM CST

By Dr. Michael J. Bisconti





Well, we are going to need more help if our website is to continue to grow.  This means we must begin to publish the qualifications of those who will provide this help.  Here is the “Code of Ethics” that we will require everyone to follow:



Code of Ethics

(Version 2.0)



All those contributing to the L. F. Nexus must be people of the highest integrity.  This includes…but is not limited to:


1.      Adhering to the moral and ethical principles found in the Bible.  These include…but are not limited to:


a.      The avoidance of oaths (profanity).


b.      The avoidance of obscene language.


c.       Following the principles of the Bible with regard to the use of alcoholic beverages.  The Bible teaches that, even if it were acceptable under certain circumstances to drink an alcoholic beverage, those involved in any “work of righteousness” would still be prohibited from doing so.


2.      All contributors must be loyal to their families.


3.      All contributors must be loyal to America or, if they are a foreign national, both their homeland and America.


4.      All contributors must be loyal to the L. F. Nexus.


5.      All contributors must acknowledge and agree that the L. F. Nexus, not to the deliberate detriment of any contributor, has unlimited power to amend this “Code of Ethics” without notice to any contributor and as the L. F. Nexus deems reasonable.


6.      All contributors agree to depart gracefully if they are found in violation of this “Code of Ethics.”


7.      All contributors must signify and publish their acceptance of this “Code of Ethics” via email.