Life Foundations Nexus' Affiliated Organizations – Short List
Copyright 2000 – 2005  The L. F. Nexus



Chicago Christian University


Transcending All Other Universities



The Chicago Collegiate Church


Where Pastor And Doctor Serve Together



The Pneumiatry Institute


Pneumiatry & Pneumiatric Psychiatry



Pneumiatric Alzheimer's Disease Research Center



Pneumiatric Heart Research Center



Pneumiatric Cancer Research Center



Pneumiatric Mental Health Clinic



Pneumiatric Hospital



Pneumiatric Medical Clinic



Pneumiatric Diabetes Research Center



Pneumiatric Prebortion Counseling Center



Pneumiatric Drug Treatment Center



Pneumiatric Alcoholism Treatment Center



American Pneumiatric Association


Scientific Pneumiatric Thinking





Journal of the American Pneumiatric Association



International Psychiatric Association


Psychiatry And Human Rights



International Pneumiatric Association


Pneumiatry And Human Rights



CCC Home For Children



Chicago Collegiate Retirement Complex



Chicago Collegiate Christian Schools


Elementary School And High School



Chicago Christian College


Offering Associates Thru Doctorates



Chicago Christian University


Transcending All Other Universities



Chicago Center For Educational Documentation

Independent Credentials Certification Agency



The Chicago Collegiate Church Charities


Helping Others Who Have Already Begun A Good Work



Chicago Linguistics Institute


Textual Criticism

Biblical Textual Criticism



Chicago Textual Criticism Institute


Biblical Textual Criticism

Biblical Translation



Chicago Collegiate Bank


A Bank That Cares About Its Customers



Chicago Economics Institute


The Most Advanced Economic Thinking In The World



The Chicago Financial Group


Financial Thinking For The 21st Century



CCC Job Board


A Service Of The Chicago Collegiate Church



CD Dynamics


CD Publishing Services

CDs for the Hobbyist & Collector



Institute For Integrity In Leadership



Chicago Center For Law And Justice


Protecting The Rights Of ALL The People



American Political Intelligence


Local, State, National



International Political Intelligence


The United States of America and Abroad



Christian Theatres Of America


The Same Movies But The Devil Stays Home



Entertainment & Ethics


Fun & Goodness



Motion Picture Association Of The United States


Setting Higher Standards For The Movie Industry In America



International Motion Picture Association


Setting Higher Standards For The Movie Industries Of The World



Instant Survey, Inc.


Scientific Surveys



IntelQuo, Inc.


IQ Acceleration



The MicroTech Institute


Advanced Computer Sciences

Artificial Intelligence



Cybortel, Inc.


True Artificial Intelligence

Cyborg Intelligence



Chicago Theoretical Physics Institute


Unified Field Theory Research Center





Journal of the Chicago Theoretical Physicists Institute



American Theoretical Physicists Association





Journal of the American Theoretical Physicists Association



UniFieldX, Inc.


The Unified Field Theory

Practical Applications



The Chronotransology Institute


Temporal Physics And “Time Travel”?





National Chrononautics And Time Administration



CCC Devil's Advocate


The Opposition Speaks



Chicago Tae Kwan Do Institute


The Most Advanced Martial Art In The World



Solutions, OCC


SQL Server Solutions, OCC,

Solution Oracle, OCC &

RDBMS Solutions, OCC



One-Day Database


You Provide The Hardware & Software

We Provide The Brain Power



ExcelAladdin, Inc.


Microsoft Excel Plug-ins

Creator of Cellpower Pro



Same-Day Spreadsheet


You Provide The Hardware & Software

We Provide The Brain Power





Christian Web Hosting

Fast Friendly Service